Chris Mounsey, Head of UX

After the interview with Karsten, I felt mentally buoyed; even then, I recognized a rare talent — someone who was incredibly talented and creative himself, but also interested in the values and talents of others.

And it is here that Karsten excels over many designers that I have worked with: his thirst for knowledge and desire to improve his own techniques means that he is incredibly receptive — whilst simultaneously maintaining a complete faith in his own skill.

All of this, combined with his undoubted (and undisputed) design flair, means that Karsten is improving daily in the field of product design.

So, as well as producing beautiful experiences, Karsten now gives talks and presentations on how great style and well thought-out design can enhance our customers’ reputation and engagement. Indeed, one customer decided that they would delay their project for three months so that they could work with Karsten — a testament indeed.

Karsten’s enthusiasm, dedication and design skill have already made him a key player in the company, after only a year. I look forward to working with him to hone and refine his code and implementation techniques to ensure that his unique vision continues to light up the web.

Here ends the hagiography! But really, he’s good…

Published by Karsten Rowe

Karsten is a Product Design Director, with over 15 years of industry history. Based in Seattle. Focused on teams, UI, UX, and design systems.