I think you know how much I love you and truly believe in your talent. After the dust settles from your transition and the entire city of Seattle falls in love with you, like I know they will. Do this… Do that and you will be unstoppable.

Guy Suter, CEO

My time in San Francisco was precious. You opened my mind to what you can achieve if you apply yourself. Walking around the KT office and seeing the genuine respect everyone has for you. And hearing all the kind words they all say about you. It’s admirable and damn inspiring!

Will Sharland, UK Intern

The primary reason why I joined KeepTruckin and left a big company like LinkedIn was because of Karsten. During the interview, I knew that I wanted to be mentored by a highly-skilled designer and engineer with great leadership. He won me over on the team culture and company mission, which made me want to beContinue reading “Richard Bustos, Design Engineer”

Richard Bustos, Design Engineer

You were the one I looked towards for any kind of support or guidance in and out of work. You always brought calmness when storms hit. You made sure the team had everything they needed to succeed. You made time for each one of us every single week. I’m so fortunate to have worked withContinue reading “Ahmad Abdul Rauf, Product Designer”

Ahmad Abdul Rauf, Product Designer

Without you, I don’t think I’d be where I am. Thank you for your never-ending support, recognizing my potential, and encouraging me to push forward. Your mentorship has been instrumental to my success. And it’s more than that, I see a good friend, I couldn’t have asked for more. I hope we can keep growingContinue reading “Zain Adeel, Product Design Lead”

Zain Adeel, Product Design Lead

A team is greater than the sum of its parts, but there’s at least one member that especially stands out amongst the crowd: Karsten. It’s not just the British charm or accent, or even his impressive pixels, but his authenticity and hard work. Coming from a client-work background, Karsten is a man of deadlines andContinue reading “Andrew Sardone, VP of Engineering”

Andrew Sardone, VP of Engineering

Karsten is one of the most talented and capable designers I have ever worked with. He’s a natural leader, was always seeking out areas for improvement and required little to no oversight across a huge variety of tasks. His design process is incredibly fast yet thoughtful. He’s well versed in all things design including UI/UX,Continue reading “Matthew Anderson, VP of Product”

Matthew Anderson, VP of Product

Karsten is one of the best managers I’ve ever had. He knows how to motivate while also giving the space to think through problems on your own. He gives solid feedback to ensure the work is top notch while still letting the designer own their work. I was able to learn a lot not onlyContinue reading “Jonathan Brockett, Product Designer”

Jonathan Brockett, Product Designer

Despite your self-doubt, you are one of the strongest people I know. You always find a way to enjoy life and be kind. It’s what you do.

Kit Meridith, Founder

You’ve been phenomenal at bringing value to the team since the day you joined. Amazing at getting things rolling and getting projects over the finish line. One project and idea after another, every day I look forward to your next suggestion. You have a variety of different skills (craft, ops, leadership, etc…). Our perfect swissContinue reading “Khushnood Qadir, Head of Design”

Khushnood Qadir, Head of Design

Karsten role-models an important work dynamic – building trust across teams whose deliverables are interdependent. While leading the product design group Karsten collaborated well with the brand marketing team so that UI and promo creative were complementary. He’s direct and self-aware, bringing wry humor to most conversations. The teams respect Karsten’s perspective, and joint projectsContinue reading “Maureen Bradford, VP of Marketing”

Maureen Bradford, VP of Marketing

Karsten is an exceptional design leader who was instrumental in KeepTruckin’s product evolution. He leads by example and has gained the trust of his peers. Strong work ethic runs deep in Karsten, but he makes it looks easy; he handles change and challenge with grace and a growth mindset. I enjoyed my two years workingContinue reading “Annie Gleeson, Creative Lead”

Annie Gleeson, Creative Lead

Karsten is an exceptional individual, and a delight to work with. I’m on the Product Marketing team, and I look forward to every chance we get to collaborate. He cares so much about our customers and has a great eye for good design and usability. While he’s a perfectionist in the sense that he rightfullyContinue reading “Will Van Eaton, Product Marketing Manager”

Will Van Eaton, Product Marketing Manager

Karsten is one of the most capable product designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my career. You can tell he has a true and unwavering passion for his craft and it shows in the work that he does. He was an incredible partner to the teams he supported and worked with andContinue reading “Ben Stevens, Sales Engineering Manager”

Ben Stevens, Sales Engineering Manager

I feel fortunate to have had Karsten as my manager. He’s been a constant source of motivation, inspiration, and support in my design career. Additionally, Karsten’s teachings go beyond the office and have bled into how I approach my day-to-day life. Show up each and every day with the right attitude; ready to work andContinue reading “Robin Cruz, Product Designer”

Robin Cruz, Product Designer

The best teammate. His attention to detail and empathy for our customers helped us deliver great products.

Jason Pesek, Product Manager

One of the most supportive and impactful figures during my time at KeepTruckin. Although I’m not on his team, he offered guidance and mentorship regarding my interest in the field. On top of this he has helped with my growth as an individual outside of work which says a lot about his character. It takesContinue reading “Gregory Plater, Recruiting Coordinator”

Gregory Plater, Recruiting Coordinator

Thank you for everything you’ve taught me. I really appreciate the time and energy you’ve spent guiding me. The most practical leads I’ve seen. Working with Karsten really opened my eyes to the benefits of having a seriously talented, professional design lead. He not only took great care of the product design at KeepTruckin, butContinue reading “Tashfeen Ahmed, Product Designer”

Tashfeen Ahmed, Product Designer

Karsten was one of my favorite KT people. Always a smile, always a positive attitude, and a grateful and kind appreciation for Workplace. If everyone were like him, the world would be a better place!

Lisa Etling, Senior Workplace Manager

After the interview with Karsten, I felt mentally buoyed; even then, I recognized a rare talent — someone who was incredibly talented and creative himself, but also interested in the values and talents of others. And it is here that Karsten excels over many designers that I have worked with: his thirst for knowledge andContinue reading “Chris Mounsey, Head of UX”

Chris Mounsey, Head of UX

A heart felt thank you for everything that you have done for me. I have learnt a lot from you! I don’t know if I could gather the right words to describe my feeling but you have helped me see the bigger picture.

Haseeb Jamil, Senior Product Designer

Karsten taught me the value of pragmatism and efficiency. Be cross-functional and collaborative but delivering value to the customer is paramount. Working with him made me a better designer and person. His passion for great design is infectious, as is his ambition and optimism which pushes you to aim higher and, as a result, reachContinue reading “Awais Imran, Product Design Manager”

Awais Imran, Product Design Manager

A very capable design lead. His designs for the Nutshell logo, website, web app, iPhone app and iPad app are very exciting and are just what we were hoping for when we hired him.

Chris Dzombak, Principal Software Engineer

Karsten’s creativity and talent shine through in everything he does.

Sara Kissner, Workplace Manager

Karsten is an excellent colleague. He is able to prototype flows, and communicate the design thinking behind them effortlessly. His ability to absorb feedback and iterate is incredibly fast and the end result is always high quality. Karsten is technically very strong. After a brief afternoon of onboarding, he was able to deliver production-ready ReactContinue reading “Phillip Wilt, Senior Software Engineer”

Phillip Wilt, Senior Software Engineer

Karsten’s feedback from our clients are testament to the quality of the work he produces. No designer has received greater praise! He is not only a highly skilled designer & front-end developer, he also has excellent people and leadership skills. A pleasure to work with. His technical skills combined with his approach make him anContinue reading “Michele Gaudelli, Sales Director”

Michele Gaudelli, Sales Director

An enormous pleasure. Aside from his amazing design talent; his work ethic, attention to detail, and general professionalism are unparalleled. He set’s the bar.

Mike Linington, Senior Software Engineer

Karsten is responsible for Nutshell’s entire brand identity, web and mobile product design, as well as our advertising campaigns. Karsten has shown immense ability to organize and direct team efforts.

Andy Fowler, CTO

I’ve worked with a few designers in my time, but never before have I met someone with so much flair and passion. Karsten has an incredible openness to learn and meet accessibility requirements and standards. He’ll take anything onboard providing he can see a justification in it. I’ve seen other designers work themselves into totalContinue reading “Penny Everett, Accessibility Consultant”

Penny Everett, Accessibility Consultant

An absolute pleasure to work with. Opinionated, yet a good listener – valuing customer feedback and facilitating cross-departmental input into the design process.

Eduardo Muller, CEO

Pivotal in our business strategy and growth. Karsten is much more than just a designer, he provides insight into metrics, measures effort and sets goals.

Lindsay McKenzie, Managing Director

There is no question that Karsten is a talented designer but most importantly he is a great leader. His ability to stray away from the designer’s opinion and prioritize the end users needs and experience of the product is indispensable.

Jerry Delince, CMO

Top guy – ideas and style. One face to face meeting was enough with Karsten, the rest of the project was managed online. A genuine creative and good listener. The outcome is just gorgeous!

Brigitta Underhill, Photographer

Karsten is absolutely brilliant to work with. He leads the way for design and user experience.

Maddy Andrade, Software Engineer

Karsten manages the tricky task of remaining friendly and relaxed while being highly focused and competent.

Jamie Dexter, Senior Software Engineer

A pleasure to work with despite the distance from London to Bangkok. An underrated talent, hire him now or lose out.

Drew Kamthong, COO

Diligent, astute, passionate but overall an attentive mentor who has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Holly Daniels, Head of Transformation Engagement

His attention to design details, coding standards and organization is unparalleled. As the design lead, Karsten went out of his way to ensure that my team’s ideas about how to improve the product were heard. Furthermore, Karsten is a team player, and he goes above and beyond to establish authentic relationships with those around him.Continue reading “Charles Sustaita, Customer Success Manager”

Charles Sustaita, Customer Success Manager

Karsten asks the right questions; which enables him and his team to execute and deliver the right solution. Level-headed yet highly creative. 10 out of 10.

Brian Walker, CEO

Karsten is passionate about design and has the ability to express this in his work where he constantly strives to push boundaries with new technology, principles and best practices. I have worked with Karsten on both commercial and personal projects and he never fails to deliver the “WOW” factor.

Phil Parsons, Senior Software Engineer

An extremely talented designer, who will go very far. He is passionate, hard working, methodical and a great communicator.

Nicole Foulds, Senior Graphic Designer

A dedicated work manner, limitless creativity and approachable demeanor makes for an extremely pleasurable working relationship. A consummate professional, he is always able to provide the latest trends and developments along with some stunning designs.

Rory Cameron, Brand Manager

As a start up company my knowledge and understanding of ‘what can be done’ in terms of the design, budget and deadline was limited. I felt he truly cared about providing the best service possible from start to finish, delivering on time at every stage. He invested so much care and interest, I almost thinkContinue reading “Andrew Tucknott, CEO”

Andrew Tucknott, CEO

As lead designer, Karsten worked very closely with us. This collaboration ensured the look and feel of the product reflected our brand values and delivered the user-friendly experience we required. From early concepts to final completion, Karsten’s obvious skill and passion for good design ensured he delivered a solution that not only met the requiredContinue reading “Callum Austin, Engagement & Communications Manager”

Callum Austin, Engagement & Communications Manager

It is rare that you’re afforded the opportunity to work alongside someone like Karsten. Not only was he extremely versed and skilled in his craft but proactively reached out to other teams for the greater good of the company and product. He’s amazing at building relationships and a positive team culture.

Jennifer Lau, Senior Account Executive

Whenever something needed to be done I could count on him to complete the work quickly and to the highest standard.

Tero Hiltunen, Motion Graphics and Video Editor