Will Van Eaton, Product Marketing Manager

Karsten is an exceptional individual, and a delight to work with. I’m on the Product Marketing team, and I look forward to every chance we get to collaborate.

He cares so much about our customers and has a great eye for good design and usability. While he’s a perfectionist in the sense that he rightfully believes there’s nothing he and his team can’t iteratively improve on, he leads a nimble, talented team that produces beautiful work quickly.

Even when capacity is tight, he always finds a way to make time to understand your needs and let you know how he can help, and I appreciate the number of times he’s taught me how to use the tools/platforms his team works in so I can self-serve the next time.

He’s also an excellent, honest person who has built a great culture, and I’m reminded of that any time I work with him or one of his team members. He’s genuinely invested in my personal well being and goals outside of work and is always there to lend a hand.

Published by Karsten Rowe

Karsten is a Product Design Director, with over 15 years of industry history. Based in Seattle. Focused on teams, UI, UX, and design systems.