Maker to Manager

I recently attended a 2-day SNP Communications Manager Training Workshop. Yass!

Having allocated time away from the day to day tasks to grow is a rare commodity, I couldn’t be more grateful and wanted to share.

I’ve always loved the process of learning; from handstands and boxing to pixels and code. The feeling of progress and leveling up is hard to beat.

I have many 2020 goals but the primary one is to be the best design manager and leader that I can become. I feel this gave me a head start on that; hyped and thankful.

How to inspire and guide a team like you were once guided?

Lunch & Learn

I’ve always been interested in the talents of others. I lost my super competitive nature a long time ago. Comparing yourself to other soccer players (and designers) isn’t healthy or helpful. The output of the collective is what leads to great products.

Finding and conditioning designers to supersede your own achievements is a beautiful thing.

Published by Karsten Rowe

Karsten is a Product Design Director, with over 15 years of industry history. Based in Seattle. Focused on teams, UI, UX, and design systems.