Good Taste

I say this often…

That girl designer has good taste

But what exactly does good taste mean and can it be taught?

I’m a big advocate for practice and believe most things are taught or learned. But how some designers effortlessly create beautiful things where the majority struggle is a puzzle. Why is it that their choice on layout and spacing, and selection of type and color is always on point?

Obviously, there are design principles and best practices to follow which help you get closer but good taste is hard to define and even harder to replicate. Why does one design feel dated and another contemporary?

It goes deeper than their work. It shines through in everything they do, regardless of spend or current trend. They have a natural sense for fashion, material objects, and strong opinions on interior design, etc…

Why do they look some damn cool in that denim jacket?

Is it the way they wear it, how it fits, what they pair it with or something I’m missing?

It’s not about being innovative and being the first; being the first is too wild and unconventional. Where a close second feels right.

Why do I have to color match my iPhone cover and watch strap every day?

Many questions, very few answers 🙇‍♀️.

Published by Karsten Rowe

Karsten is a Product Design Director, with over 15 years of industry history. Based in Seattle. Focused on teams, UI, UX, and design systems.